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Q -How Long has the company been established.

A – Established since December 2017


Q-Where are we based?

A-We are based at the Aquarius Business Centre, Stafford.


Q -Is there continuity of care with the Care Teams?

A- We always endeavour to provide the same care teams to our customers.


Q – Can you pick your call times?

A- We will always do our best to come at a time of your choosing. Any times are agreed before your care package starts and will remain at those times unless pre-arranged with you.


Q- Are care plans reviewed regularly.

A – Yes your care package is reviewed every 6 months or at any time when a change of your needs is required.


Q – Can we contact out of hours?

A- We operate an out of hours service which is available to you if you should need to contact a member of our team.


Q – Do we work with other services?

A- We work closely with all services to ensure all your needs are met.


Q – Can we provide services through different funding pathways?

A – We can provide services that are commissioned Privately, through Adult Social Cares or if you are in receipt of Direct Payments.