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Why do we care?

One of the fundamental things we do in life is care, this is one of the hardest things that we can do as a career, so why do we choose to do this?

It takes a certain type of character to be able to see passed the physical aspects of some of the tasks that are performed within the job role such as personal care. Although this is an integral part of giving the customer their dignity and self-confidence, it is not the most important thing that we do.

We make a difference to someone’s life on such a personal level that it impacts there whole day, it can be the difference between a good day and feeling self-worth and happy or feeling lonely and unhappy with the world, knowing that you have that care worker coming in to see you in the morning to help you after you have had a long night on your own or to help you get ready to go out  for the day make a massive difference to your self-confidence.

On the other side of what we do as care workers we care for people at the end of their life, to be able to do this is a great honour, this is extremely humbling and emotional and extremely rewarding to know that you have helped someone in there most vulnerable moments of their life pass with dignity and respect. Also, to be able to support the family at moments of uncertainty can make the experience a little less painful for all.

Care workers are so misunderstood and the job that they do is often misunderstood by people outside of the care world, but hopefully with awareness of the work and dedication of the company and all that work with us, we can continue to make changes to people’s perception of what care is about, one person at a time.

When we come across the question from relatives and friends asking, “why do we care?” the answer is quite easy, it is because we want people to have the best possible life they can and that brings us a job satisfaction and immense pride in what we do.

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